What We Do

Foster Program(top)

The Oswego County Humane Society does not operate a shelter.   The animals in our care all reside in  volunteer foster homes.  We provide veterinary care, necessary equipment, and assistance with adoptions–foster families provide food, socialization, training and love.  We always need more foster homes–it is one of the most hands-on ways that you can make a difference for animals in Oswego County.  Is it hard to let an animal that you have had in your home for weeks go to a new home?   Yes.   Is it rewarding for you and your family?  Yes.   Will another animal come along for you to do it again?  Yes, yes, yes.

Foster Volunteer Application

Humane Education(top)

The more everyone knows about animals, the better for all of us.   The Oswego County Humane Society puts this into practice in many ways. Read our weekly Porky & Buddy column on specific  issues.  It appears weekly in the local weekly newspapers and on the web at www.oswegocountytoday.com. If you work with kids or if you have kids feel free to download our coloring book about safety around dogs, Be Safe with Your Best Friend.

Spay and Neuter Services(top)

The Oswego County Humane Society Spay/Neuter clinic ensures that every animal we adopt into a new home is spayed or neutered before the adoption is final. The clinic also provides the SNIP program, spay/neuter services for cats in low income households. To verify eligibility and  schedule an appointment for this service call the office at 315-207-1070.

Clinic Schedule

Our schedule changes monthly with 4 to 5 clinics a month, usually on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.  Appointments are scheduled in advance by calling 315-207-1070. There is usually a waiting list.  Please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Pets are dropped off at OCHS in the afternoon for a Tuesday clinic or or in the morning for a Saturday clinic.  They are discharged on the same day. We ask owners/caretakers to fill out a brief form with contact information, information on your pet and to sign a medical release form.  One of our volunteers  will call you and and give a time to pick up your pet after they have fully recovered.  Post-op instructions are provided at the time of pick-up and any questions will be answered by one of the clinic staff.

Clinic Fees

$45 per male cat and $60 per female cat for caretakers of feral cats and persons of low income who meet eligibility requirements (Medicaid, SSI, HEAP, or other public assistance).

The cost for spaying and neutering are package prices which include surgery, vaccinations for rabies and distemper, flea treatment, ear cleaning & nail trimming.

We accept cash, personal check or money order.

About the Procedures

Male Neutering:

Neutering is the surgical procedure performed on male cats.  General anesthesia is used and no sutures (stitches) are used on male cats.

Female Spaying:

Spaying is also known as an ovarian hysterectomy.  It is the procedure performed on female cats. General anesthesia is used.  We use sutures which dissolve, so no return visit is required for removal of the stitches. However, owners and caretakers are instructed to monitor the incision sites daily for at least a week post surgery.

Pain medication is provided as part of our standard anesthetic protocol.

The surgeries are performed by a skilled veterinarian and assisted by a licensed veterinary technician. Animals are closely monitored after surgery by our trained staff.
As space and time permit, the clinic also provides spay/neuter services for free roaming cats in managed colonies and for cats in need of sheltering through the barn cat program.

The Large Animal Assistance Project(top)

The Large Animal Assistance Project provides temporary nutritional or other assistance to large companion animals, such as horses, cows, goats etc., to enable their owners to keep them properly nourished during a financial crisis until the financial problem is resolved or a new owner is found.   Assistance is provided to families that can establish financial need and is available for up to 30 days.  It can be renewed if necessary for an additional 2 months.
Call the office at 315 207-1070 for more information.
Download an application for assistance here.

While the project is not intended as a rescue, a number or horses have been surrendered to the Oswego County Humane Society in the past year and cared for in OCHS foster homes until new adoptive homes are found.
Read their stories here.

Support for this project is always needed and appreciated. Donations or pledges of good quality hay are especially useful. And check out the events calendar to find out what special events to benefit the project are coming up.
Find out more about the rescue and rehabilitation of one very special horse by clicking here.