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Adopting a new pet should be rewarding, informative, and fun. Here’s how it works:

All of our pets for adoption are listed on You can just scroll down the list below to see who is waiting to become the new love of your life.

If you find a pet that you are interested in here on our site, use the contact information with that pet to contact the foster home where the pet is living so that you can make arrangements to meet her or him.
When you are ready, you can download the forms you will need by scrolling down this page.
And thank you for adopting!

Adoption Forms(top)

Adoption Application

Release of Veterinary Information

Foster Volunteer Application

Office Volunteer Application

Barn Cat Placement Program(top)

We have cats who need barns.cat_Clipart

All of these cats are spayed or neutered and have their basic shots. These cats were rescued from the wild. They can’t go back where they came from — they can’t be house cats. You provide shelter, food and basic care — they provide rodent extermination. We reduce the numbers of unwanted, homeless pets.

We all win!

Call the Oswego County Humane Society Barn Cat Program for details.
(315) 207-1070

Home to Home Adoptions(top)

Home to Home Adoptions is a service provided by the Oswego County Humane Society for pet owners who need to find new homes for their pets and who wish to do so in a responsible way. We post these pets on our petfinder site as a courtesy listing. We do not have these pets in our foster care system and cannot provide you with any information other than what is provided to us. Please call the contact person directly for more information.

If you have a pet that you would like to list on our petfinder site please email the Humane Society at for information. Our only requirement is that your pet be spayed or neutered before it is listed.