Spay and Neuter

The Oswego County Humane Society Spay/Neuter clinic ensures that every animal we adopt into a new home is spayed or neutered before the adoption is final. The clinic also provides the SNIP program, spay/neuter services for cats in low-income households. To verify eligibility and schedule an appointment for this service call the office at 315-207-1070.

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Adopting a new pet should be rewarding, informative, and fun. All of our pets for adoption are listed on You can just scroll down the list on our adoption page to see who is waiting to become the new love of your life.And thank you for adopting!

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No you can’t walk the dogs or pet the cats unless you want to do it 24/7 by becoming a foster care provider. The Humane Society does not have a shelter. Our adoptable animals are all in foster homes, and if you are interested in that vital task go to

our foster care program page >>where you can download an application to become a foster care provider. But if that's not possible, that’s O.K. There are lots of other opportunities to help out in very important ways.

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